Fromagerie Cugnet

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Fromagerie Cugnet

Fromagerie Cugnet, a must during your stay at the hotel

Fromagerie Cugnet: Treasure Trove

If you would like to discover some character cheese, head straight to Chez Cugnet. Here you will find treasures from the Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Reblochon, farm-produced unpasteurised Raclette, Tome des Bauges, Emmental, Chevrotin, Beaufort, Abondance, Tomme Fruitière, Tomme Fermière, Tomme au foin...…  We don’t count here, we just get stuck in and lick our lips. Another thing worthy of mention is the wonderful selection of home made Haute-Savoie jams. Fromagerie Cugnet offers to take you on a delicious, authentic and true journey of discover. Grab your shopping basket!

Found at: The Fromagerie Cugnet is located a few minutes from our hotel in Annemasse.

Fromagerie Cugnet
10 rue Charles Dupraz
74100 Annemasse